Super Junior? I hate them

The lastest news on Kibum, Henry and Zhou Mi

Super Junior? I hate them.
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Super Junior? I hate them

Wondering where Kibum is? Or what Henry and Zhou Mi are up to these days? Super Junior? I hate them is a news community dedicated to reporting the latest news of Henry Lau, Zhou Mi, and Kim Kibum. Other Super Junior members are allowed in entries, however, the main topic as to be around Henry, Kibum, or Zhou Mi. (Thus a post about Super Junior-M is acceptable)

User updating and commenting is welcome, join in!

However before commenting/posting, please follow these rules:

1. There will be no fighting over 13-15 talk. Old wank is old.
2. No terrible bashing of Kibum, Zhou Mi, or Henry.
3. No hot-linking.
4. Please tag all entries you post
5. No fighting with members that is unwarranted, unprovoked, or too wanky. That's what sm-anon hate meme is for.
6. Random pic spams are random and not welcome. Pic spam only if news is relevant.

Disclaimer: We actually don't hate Super Junior, we just want to spread the love of these three.